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Corporate Breathwork 

Why would I consider Stress relief/Corporate  Breathwork in the workplace? 


The healthcare costs of employers has skyrocketed in recent years, and cost effective ways of reducing stress have become critical to the wellbeing of employees and employers alike. Breath awareness, which is an essential element of mindfulness training, is being used in many workplaces as a strategy in stress reduction. When employees are able to manage and reduce stress, productivity is greater and their working environment becomes conducive to work flow.

Learning how to monitor your breathing and regulate it is one of the most cost effective measures you could desire, and has been shown to give remarkable results with workplace stress and general attitude of employees.  It is something that you can do in any setting, at your desk, walking, or in a meeting to remain relaxed, alert and creative

What kind of benefits would my employees experience from this Breathwork? 


-Reduced Stress, Anxiety and Depression

-Increased Clarity, Focus and Concentration

-Elevated Mood

-More Effective Communication and Teamwork

-Improved Overall Health

-Increased Energy and Decreased Fatigue

-Reduced risk of Disease and Illness

-Greater Motivation and Job Satisfaction

-Lower Blood Pressure

-Better, more Relaxed Sleep

-Increased Creativity and Productivity 

-Greater Self Awareness

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