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Tue, 08 Sept


Breathwork via Zoom!

Online Conscious Breathwork ~ Beginners

Experience the intelligence of Breath from the comfort of your home

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Online Conscious Breathwork ~ Beginners
Online Conscious Breathwork ~ Beginners

Time & Location

08 Sept 2020, 17:30 – 19:00 SAST

Breathwork via Zoom!

About the Event

We can all agree that this is a very strange time to be alive! We’re collectively experiencing something more unusual than we ever have in our lifetimes, and it affects us on numerous levels. 

Because of this, we’re experiencing a range of emotions, from general ok-ness, to feeling totally overwhelmed, scared, or unsure. So this is where the breath comes in as your guide to clarity and calm. A tool to help you Re-Awaken into a new way of being. 

In this virtual Conscious Breathwork Journey, we’ll breathe to move any suppressed energy and emotions that are within our body and psyche, clearing and making space for clarity, love, gratitude, gentleness, and ease. This is also a beautiful opportunity to come together in community, in order to heal ourselves and the collective. 


-No previous experience necessary for these sessions. All levels and belief systems welcome.

-I will send a follow up email with more information and contra-indications. 

17:30pm (Johannersburg / UTC+2) 

16:30pm (London) 

11:30am (New York) 

08:30am (Los Angeles) 

BOOKING ESSENTIAL, please mail me at: 

or Register here: 

You will then receive an email with payment details after which you will receive your link to join the session (Very easy!) 

R250 / $15 / 15 EURO / 10 GBP per person 

A recommendation to participants You can book for 1 or 4 sessions in advance, attending when you feel up for another Online Conscious Breathwork session. I will have weekly sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays, onwards into 2020.  

- 1 session = R250  per person 

- 4 sessions = R800 / $45 per person 

It is very common for participants to feel the urge to have another session when they feel integration is complete. Since we are uncovering layers of the psyche and suppressed energy, each session is unique, and therefore I would like to give the option to book 4 sessions at a lower price. 

Payment can be made via EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) or PayPal 

Please note that this is a sliding scale event. If you're experiencing financial difficulty and absolutely cannot afford the minimum suggested donation, just DM me and we'll sort it out. No one will be turned away due to lack of funds. 

What you will need for the session: 

 - Yoga mat/ mattress/cosy spot to lie down

 - Blanket and pillow 

 - Earphones or a speaker (It is also possible to play the sound from your computer) 

 - Notebook for integration afterwards (optional) 

 - Water  

 - Comfortable clothes 

How to prepare for this work. 

* Hydrate 2 hours before, light meal at least an hour before the session. Preferably no Alcohol at least a day before the session. 



Breathwork is based upon insights from modern consciousness research, transpersonal psychology, anthropology, Eastern spiritual practices, Shamanism and the world’s mystical traditions. Using the breath as a tool for transformation has proven to bring about shifts in one’s consciousness, health and connection to Self and others. 

Conscious Breathwork, also known as Conscious Connected Breathing, is a method of breath control that gives rise to expanded states of consciousness and has an effect on physical, mental and spiritual well-being as we activate the body’s inner healing intelligence.  

As an introspective journey guided by curated music, we learn to remove the pause between our breaths and enter a transpersonal state through the power of connected, circular breathing.  

The process invokes a profound journey into whatever state of consciousness is relevant for the breather at the time. In other words, those aspects of the sub-conscious mind (in theta brain state) which have the strongest emotional charge will surface to the conscious mind to be acknowledged and released. 

The process brings more energy, awareness and clarity into the body and mind as the breather experiences a vibrational shift which releases suppressed energy, emotions, stress and trauma. This journey activates both unconscious discomfort and ecstatic bliss as the intelligence of Life Force energy (Prana/Qi) leads us to exactly where we need to awaken and let go. 

The process allows one to:  -become aware of self-limiting habits -open to the capacity for self-healing -re-pattern dysfunctional breathing patterns -shift thoughts and feelings around the unknown -examine limiting beliefs and emotional addictions -resolve and bring awareness to unhealthy patterns and conditioning -experience states of pure, unconditional love, acceptance and bliss 

During the workshop you will have the opportunity to access your own internal healing energy and greater knowing in a safe and held space, allowing for a powerful shift in yourself and your life. Bodhi Breathwork & Yoga provides follow up support and integration. 

Further info and background on Conscious Breathwork (Recommended if this is your first session):   (Online Conscious Breathwork information)

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