Online Breathwork Sessions

Ideal for when you cannot attend one of my Conscious Breathwork workshops or a private session in person. These sessions last for about 90 minutes (ending with questions and integration). We will use Zoom conferencing software, a user friendly platform to which you will have a link. All you need to do is open your email and click on the link. 


We will start with a short introduction, followed by a calming breath awareness practice, then we will engage in Conscious Connected Breathing.


The journey will be guided by carefully curated music and the intelligence of your own circular, connected breath. This combination allows you to move out of the head and into a heart space while accessing expanded states of consciousness, a greater sense of clarity and connection to yourself and others. The process brings about profound physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits as you deliver life force energy (Chi, Prana) to every cell in your body while releasing stuck energy, stress and trauma. 

The process allows one to: 

  • Boost your immune system and alkalise your body

  • Relieve the fear of death and illness

  • Open to the capacity for self-healing

  • Re-pattern dysfunctional breathing habits

  • Release stagnant energy, stress and trauma

  • Experience states of unconditional love, acceptance and bliss


After the session you will have time to gently come back to your normal state of being. There will be time for participants to ask questions and share their experiences if that's preferred.


What you will need for the session: 

- Yoga mat / mattress / cosy spot to lie down

- Blanket and pillow

- Earphones or a speaker (It is also possible to play the sound from your computer)

- A stable Wifi / Internet connection

- Notebook for integration afterwards (optional)

- Comfortable clothes

- Water

(Candle or essential oil if you prefer)

Sessions take place every: 

Tuesday - ideal for beginners with no previous experience. I will give full guidance and instruction durin

Is this your first time participating in a Conscious Breathwork session? 

For more preparatory information, please click on the link below.

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