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Your BREATH ~ Your tool to navigate change
About Us

Bodhi Breathwork is a space for healing and self exploration. It is a place for learning, growing and adapting with Breath at the core of everything, which challenges and supports new ways of doing, thinking, and being. This ultimately allows you to go deeper inside, and therefore further outside, as you learn to find comfort in the discomfort. 

Why Breathwork? 

In this time of stress, anxiety, chaos and uncertainty, we are being called on to shift the space from which we are operating and create a new mind-body architecture that supports deeper awareness and consciousness.

Breathwork takes you beyond traditional cognitive therapies to provide a profound, non-verbal path of healing, where the intelligence of your body and life force energy takes the lead. Breathwork is an extraordinary tool for self awareness, self regulation and self transformation. 

Engage with Breathwork:

  • to support Breath Intelligence

  • to support the journey to your Authentic Self / Source

  • to release patterns which keeps us from our uniqueness

  • to get in touch with the wisdom of our bodies

  • Self Awareness, Self Regulation and Self Transformation

  • to re-awaken our natural healing ability 

  • to re-pattern dysfunctional breathing habits

  • to facilitate the delivery of Life Force energy to our being

  • to Re-member who we Truly are


"Your breath is an indication of your condition. So much so that the breath is used for diagnosis in several Eastern medical traditions that have been practiced as far back as 3000 BC. Fundamentally, we can change our condition by changing our breath, and this is a core principle of the science of Breathwork and Yoga."  - Michael Brian Baker


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Contact: +27732390345

25 Luisa Way

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 Cape Town, South Africa

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