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Conscious Breathing in the Classroom

Bodhi Breathwork teaches scientifically proven breathing  techniques to promote well-being, stress-relief, and self-awareness to students.

We offer an effective program for teaching conscious breathing to school children and teens by their teachers, parents and other mentors. This program cultivates a daily breathing practice for well being in today’s challenging and stressful environment while bringing inner calm and focused energy to the classroom​.

When a conscious breathing practice is integrated into the classroom, teachers, students, and researchers report many benefits: 

●  Clears and focuses the mind 

●  Improves self-regulation and self-containment 

●  Reduces need for ADHD medication 

●  Raises self-esteem 

●  Helps foster class cohesion 

●  Reduces bullying 

●  Reduces stress, worry and anxiety 

●  Raises reading and performance scores 

●  Reduces psycho-social burn-out related symptoms 

●  Strengthens the immune system 

●  Normalizes heart rate and rhythm

●  Reduces blood pressure 

●  Reduces pain 

●  Raises endorphin levels

Stress and Anxiety Relief for tertiary Students

One of the most overlooked aspects of daily life is how we breathe, and yet bringing awareness to our breath can profoundly change our lives and the lives of students for the better. It’s easy, quick and simple to add a few minutes of breathing practice to your day. It's accessible in every moment and costs nothing as our breath belongs to each of us. 


Some of these breathing techniques can help alleviate stress in the moment, while others are preventative exercises that can be practiced regularly to help fend off the physical reactions to stress, anxiety and depression. When these reactions are experienced on a daily basis it can be debilitating and often lead to far more severe disorders if not managed.

Students experience benefits such as; a focused and clear mind, reduced stress, anxiety and depression, reduced cravings and addictions, better sleep and many more!

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