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Sat, 09 Oct


Cape Town

Breathe Into Being

Conscious Breathwork & Traditional Tantric Teachings merge, brining you home into Being

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Breathe Into Being
Breathe Into Being

Time & Location

09 Oct 2021, 22:00 – 10 Oct 2021, 15:00

Cape Town, 25 Luisa Way, Hout Bay, Cape Town, 7806, South Africa

About the Event

Conscious Breathwork & Traditional Tantric Teachings merge, brining you home into Being.

What you’ll need for this workshop:

-Comfortable clothing

-Yoga mat / Mattress

-Blanket and head pillow (Important!)

-Eyemask if you have (I will have some too)

-Water to keep next to you

-Journal to write in afterwards (this is optional for integration)

More on Conscious Breathwork

This Conscious Breathwork experience is ideal for first timers or experienced breathers. We will start with a short introduction, followed by a calming breath awareness practice, then we will engage in the technique of Conscious Connected Breathing.

Conscious Connected Breathing is a method of breath control that gives rise to expanded states of consciousness and has an effect on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being as we activate the body’s inner healing intelligence.

The journey will be guided by carefully curated music and the intelligence of your own circular, connected breath. This combination allows you to move into a heart space while accessing expanded states of consciousness. The process brings more energy and awareness into the body as the breather experiences a vibrational shift which releases suppressed energy, emotions, stress and trauma. This journey activates both unconscious discomfort and ecstatic bliss as the intelligence of Life Force energy (Prana/Qi) leads us to exactly where we need to awaken and let go.

The process allows one to:

  • become aware of self-limiting habits
  • open to the capacity for self-healing
  • re-pattern dysfunctional breathing patterns
  • shift thoughts and feelings around the unknown
  • examine limiting beliefs and emotional addictions
  • resolve and bring awareness to unhealthy patterns and conditioning
  • experience states of pure, unconditional love, acceptance and bliss

During the session you will have the opportunity to access your own internal healing energy and greater knowing in a safe and held space, allowing for a powerful shift in yourself and your life.

After the session you will have time to gently come back to your normal state of being, while enjoying a nourishing cup of tea. There will be time for questions and sharing your experience with other participants if you prefer.  Follow-up support and integration tips will be emailed to participants.

From here: 

More on Tantra

Tantra means the essence.

The essence of you. The essence of reality. This is the essential teaching connecting us back to our true nature.

Every inquiry around sexuality, wanting to explore freedom within the body, yogic work, breathwork, any of these inquiries lead us back to the ultimate questioning of who we truly are. At our core, who are we? Why are we here?

To inquire Tantra means to inquire about your longing to meet your truth and the truth of your reality. It means to drop into the cosmic ocean of endless possibility within yourself through wild abandon, to enter into the places you’ve been afraid to enter into before now. It means we go beyond the limitations of our minds and belief systems.

It means to crack open our hearts so that we may remember the texture of love and true intimacy which is our natural state of Being. It is not a state we have to search for or inquire about, it is the very reason we are here. To experience the world through a state of love. 

You will feel the quality of this truth inside your own body – The instrument of the cosmos because the ultimate experience is to be so deeply imbibed and integrated within each of our bodily senses so that we may experience and express the fullness of all that we are capable of.

In Tantra, we do not deny the body and all its sensations. We learn to move with it, to move with spontaneity and a relaxed attitude towards life. During this session together, we will be moving through ancient Traditional techniques that have been passed down through the lineage of Kashmiri Shaivism.

I would like to share with you what it means to truly return home to the essence of your Being. This will be shared in a safe, enclosed space. This work is of the individual, come as you are and bring all that you are currently feeling and wanting to work with / through during this time.

Contraindications to be aware of:

Conscious Breathwork may result in certain physiological changes in the body and can also result in intense physical and emotional release. Therefore, it is advisable to contact me before a session if any of the following conditions relate to you currently:

  1. Epilepsy
  2. Pregnancy
  3. Glaucoma
  4. Detached Retina
  5. Family history of aneurysms
  6. High Blood Pressure that is not controlled with medication.
  7. Use of prescription blood thinning medications such as Coumadin
  8. Strokes, seizures, TIAs or other brain/neurological condition or disease
  9. Cardiovascular disease and/or irregularities including prior heart attack
  10. Prior diagnosis by a health professional of bipolar disorder or schizophrenia
  11. Hospitalization for any psychiatric condition or emotional crisis during the past 10 years.

By joining my Breathwork sessions you take full responsibility and release me as the facilitator, Jean Rossouw from any liability claims.

How to prepare for this work:

  • Hydrate 2 hours before, light veggie meal at least an hour before the session. Preferably no Alcohol at least a day before the session.
  • Mindfulness practices can support the preparation process, such as movement practices, yoga, dancing, a massage, grounding with nature, walks, meditation, mindful eating, quiet time, etc.  Sometimes just being aware of what shows up in your life, insights, day dreams, night dreams, etc.
  • To trust that this session is perfectly relevant to you on the day, see it as a wonderful gift to yourself!

We look forward to sharing this magical and transformative workshop with you!

Exchange: R800 pp (including snacks and drinks)

Please book your spot with Suskia:

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