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Hold Space & Understand Breath as a Tool for Transformation

It’s with great excitement to announce that Bodhi Breathwork will be offering another international, 2 week intensive training program in Penamacor, Portugal.


2nd September 2024 - 13th September 2024 =  Applications OPEN


There will be 10 training days, 9am-4pm each day. Lessons will take place at a beautiful, spacious house in Penamacor, Portugal. The house also provides accommodation for participants, shared or private options. (Pricing below)


The aim of this program is to equip and teach trainee’s, the process and practicalities involved in facilitating a Conscious Connected Breathwork session, in a group or private setting.


Awareness around Breathwork is expanding rapidly around the globe due to its effectiveness as a tool for self awareness, self regulation and self transformation. As a Certified Breathwork Practitioner with years of experience in facilitating Conscious Connected Breathwork sessions,  it feels in alignment to share the intricacies and flow of this powerful healing modality - while reaching more people and places that truly needs it. 

~ Who is this for? ~

If you are a practitioner in the following fields, then this program will deepen your expertise and knowledge on Breath as a tool for Transformation: 


Breathwork, Yoga, Reiki, Energy Healing, Body Worker, Psychology, Psychotherapy, Psychedelic Therapy, Addiction Therapy, Alternative Therapy, Body Stress Release, Trauma Counselling, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Health Coach, Life Coach, Tantra & Theta Healing (plus other Mind / Body Integration Practices)

The program is not limited to people in any of the above fields - if you are in a completely different profession and would like to become equipped with the necessary knowledge to facilitate Conscious Connected Breathwork sessions, please apply. If your intention is not facilitation, then this is also an excellent course to bring transformational Breathwork into your personal life.


The program will meet you where you are and it will take you to the level of complete confidence in facilitating Conscious Connected Breathwork sessions. Whether this is something extra you would like to offer to clients, or maybe this is where you would like to shift your focus. 

















   ~ The Program Outline ~


Starting on Monday, 2nd September 2024 and concluding on Friday, 13th September 2024. Daily meetings, 9am-4pm at Rua Padre Mestre 32 (A lovely spacious house in the village). Alternatively, if you cannot make it on the day, online recordings will be available. Case studies and follow-up support will continue after the program.


Day 1 : Opening & Introduction to Breathwork 

  • Overview of Program, Transformational Breathing variations, Styles & History

  • Self Study of Anatomy & Breathing Physiology 



Day 2 : The Realm of Breathwork

  • Awareness, Regulation & Transformation

  • Therapeutical Aspects & Breath Intelligence


Day 3 : Elements involved in Conscious Connected Breathwork 

  • The Sub-Conscious Mind, Energy, Sound, Movement, Touch

  • Expanded States of Consciousness, Trauma, Thoughts, Emotions, Beliefs



Day 4 : Guiding a 1:1 Conscious Breathwork session

  • Beginning, Middle & End of a session, Types of Experiences

  • Session Support, Components & “What to do when?, Extras


Day 5 : Practical Sessions 

  • 1:1 Practice with other participants

  • Q & A and sharing


Day 6 : Facilitating a Group Conscious Breathwork session

  • Beginning, Middle & End of a session, Set & Setting

  • Session Support & “What to do when?, Extras


Day 7 : Music in a Conscious Breathwork Journey

  • Musical Stages and flow of the Breathwork Journey

  • Guidelines, Resources, Technical 


Day 8 : Intuition as a Guiding Force | Practical Sessions

  • Getting in touch with your Intuition, Development and Avenues

  • Techniques, Journaling, Q & A


Day 9 : Integrating Transformational Experiences | Practical Sessions

  • Importance and areas of Integration 

  • “Mandala” Drawing


Day 10 : Ongoing Support and Starting out!

  • Becoming a team member of Bodhi Breathwork, Recap of Training

  • Incorporating CCB in your practice, ethics and starting out! 


After 13th September 2024: 

Continue with practical requirements / case studies for the training program (6 months period).



 ~ * ~



Over the course of the program you will work with me to identify and become familiar with areas where there were big question marks. These may include, language, cuing, coaching assists, sequencing, music, integration and more.


This intensive training program will need your commitment for 10 weekdays (9am-4pm). We will meet up once a day to cover all the topics and related materials. Self Study is required as well as practical assignments and feedback (to be completed up to 6 months after the in-person training) - all of which you will have adequate time for. 

~ Prerequisite ~

Attendance of at least 3 x Conscious Connected Breathwork sessions with an experienced facilitator (In-person/online)

~ Program Requirements ~

Self Study of Anatomy and Breathing Physiology

Provide feedback on 10 x 1:1 sessions with friends or family (as part of your case studies)

Provide feedback on 10 x group sessions with friends or family, 2-6 people (as part of your case studies)

Attendance of at least 10 x CCB sessions with an experienced Facilitator (in-person or online)

Putting together a CCB Playlist * optional



~ Ongoing Support ~

  • By joining this program you will receive ongoing support on your journey, and also have the option to become a team member of Bodhi Breathwork. More will be discussed in person.


  • You will also receive full access to a collection of Breathwork music categories and playlists to get you started off with confidence.


  • You will receive a list of Coaching Assists, Tips & added techniques to implement during sessions as you become more experienced. Overall, you will feel completely equipped to facilitate your own sessions from start to finish! 












~ * ~


There will be 10 in-person spaces available for the September 2024 program. By limiting spaces we create an atmosphere for connection on a more personal level - which is a huge part of this program. 


Upon completion of the full training program, participants will receive a Certificate of Competency in Conscious Connected Breathwork Facilitation. Stating that the trainee has undergone the necessary training from a Certified Breathwork Practitioner, and is competent in the process involved to safely facilitate 1:1 or group sessions of up to 10 people (which can increase with more experience).

~ * ~


Our breath is our greatest gift and the ideal tool to navigate change! How incredible is it to have this tool with us for a lifetime on this planet. Now you have an opportunity to learn more about it and share knowledge on Conscious Connected Breathwork, while showing others how to heal themselves with their own Breath. A profoundly enriching and

transformational journey for practitioners working with clients - expanding into the Realm of Breathwork.

This training program serves as an opportunity to explore your own psyche with Breath as your guide. It goes hand in hand with self development, thus, in order to hold space for others requires you to deepen your understanding of you truly are. Each module contains components that will empower you to break through limitations, expand awareness & follow the path with Heart. 

What is your Breath telling you right now?


If you feel called to delve deeper into the Breath as a tool for transformation while holding space for others, then get in touch! 


~ Exchange for the 2024 Facilitator Training in Portugal ~

€ 2 100 pp | Shared room in Main House

€ 2 400 pp | Private room in Main House

€ 2 100 pp | Shared cottage on a nearby Farm-stay | Ideal for a couple/2 friends sharing

€ 2 200 pp | Private room in 2 bedroom Cottage on Farm-stay 

 ~ Payment options may be discussed ~

The price includes:

  • Facilitator Training & Manual 

  • Accommodation (shared or private)

  • Breakfast (staying in Main house)

  • Lunch (Vegan & Gluten Free)

  • Snacks and Tea



More information on Conscious Breathwork


More details regarding this Training Program in Penamacor

Apply by clicking below! Thank you

~ What other trainees thought ~

The way he was sensitive to the needs of our group, and adapted the course program when necessary, made the Conscious Breathwork Facilitator Training with Jean special. Not only was it a place of learning and development, but it also formed a special bond between all of us.

I now feel well prepared to facilitate my own breathwork sessions.

Vanessa | Germany | 2023

Participating in the Conscious Connected Breathwork Training in Portugal was an enriching and deep experience. Jean, as the instructor, cultivated a nurturing environment, guiding us through breathwork sessions that not only alleviated stress but also deepened the self-awareness. This training wasn't just about mastering a technique; it delved into understanding the mind-body connection and unlocking our vast internal potential within.


Jean created a true safe space for self-exploration and provided valuable opportunities to practice facilitating 1:1 breath journeys for others within the group.  


I genuinely appreciate this journey in a group with like-minded individuals and with the holistic approach that Jean brought into it. 


Thank you for facilitating such a meaningful experience!

Sandra | Germany | 2023

Jean's Conscious Connected Breathwork training program was incredibly illuminating and completely changed my relationship with breath. His tuition is compassionate, wise, intuitive and wonderfully practical.


I learnt a great deal about myself and the science of breath and on completion of the program felt confident in guiding sessions for individuals and groups. Amazing teacher, beautiful program. Thank you, Jean.

Louis | South Africa | 2022

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